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About us

ANPEL Laboratory Technologies (Shanghai) Inc. established in 1997, which specializes in development, manufacturing and distribution of chromatographic products, chemical reagents and standards, labware, and analytical instrument consumables. As the leading manufacturer and supplier of chromatography and lab consumables in China, ANEPL has more than 100 employees now , and the sale amount  has reached more than 100 million RMB for recent three years.

ANPEL can provide about 500000 kinds of products to scientific research personnel all over the country. The main customers cover pharmaceutical, environment, chemistry, clinic, food, biology, government ,  university, research institution. ANPEL keeps fast and stable developing step. Now, we have about 5000 customers which have long-term business, and the totally Qty is about 10000. Customers enjoy our honesty service and professional work. Furthermore, ANPEL is awarded by Dun & Bradstreet as “Credit 3A2”, enjoying best credit degree and passed the certification of International Organization for Standardization again in 2008.

We have two parts of sale department – domestic and international. Our sales representatives operate in individual areas. Besides Shanghai – the headquarters we also have 10 offices in main large cities of China that are Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Qingdao, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Shenyang and Zhengzhou, which makes a full distribution network. The international department take charge of Africa, Asia, America and Oceania.

We have three department To control product quality and study hot spots of analysis. The Market and Technique department; the Production Department and laboratories.

The Market and Technique department has two parts: Market department and Technique department, In Market department there are several product manager, who take charge of different lines. Technique department take charge of training and application. Customers can get support in the shortest possible time.

The Production Department has many advanced equipment for manufacture and check. Parts of process are under the management of computer – the qua-lity management system.

The two labs, one application lab, focus on application explore, hot spots study. Another QC lab, focus on product quality check. We have some Agilent, Shimadzu GC and HPLC, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, Metrohm Karl Fischer titrator.

GC laboratory
HPLC Laboratory 


Sample Preparation Laboratory

Analytical laboratory
Water and UV-vis Testing Laboratory

Oven Room

Center Laboratory Corridor








The size of our warehouse is about 2000 m2. The total products keep in stock are more than 15 million RMB. We have some own trucks which help us distribute products all over China, We use Bar Code Management System control the stock.


The Commerce department  take charge of the procurement from suppliers all over the world.

The Finance Department use software of financial affairs management with electronic data processing accounting. The system can screen and control every business and charge, to confirm the good running of the company.

Our website http://www.anpel.com.cn or  www.anpelsci.com—— which provides general product price, professional technical literature and the newest information , which becomes a communicating platform between customer and ANPEL.

For the future we remain heavily committed to our development, to allow us to continue to bring innovative technologies and services to our valued partners and customers in analytical science in all corners of the world.